Sales copy can actually hurt ranking, if you execute it prematurely

I’ll explain why:

look at 100 law firm websites… if you were Googlebot what would you see?

a sea of sameness… with all of them harping the same sales copy, there’s little reason for Googlebot to consider moving you up or demoting who’s currently #1 ranked

The opportunity to close a sale can only happen if your customers actually SEE what you’re offering, and if y0u’re not #1 or #2 in the Google maps listings ( formerly known as Google Places and now going by the moniker, Google My Business) listings, pretty much NO ONE is even going to your website.

Why are you attempting to Always Be Closingyou’re assuming you HAVE a human audience already.. you do not

not yet… the intended audience is the algorithm that Google uses to gauge if your website is trustworthy enough for Google to display it for the search phrase “divorce lawyer in Cincinnati Oh”

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