Essays on your genre are the kind of text articles required to earn Google Trust

Sales copy, in any shape or form is not the type of copy that prod Googlebot into giving you domain a “title shot” for the opportunity to unseat the current “champion” or current #1 ranked domain in Google for “divorce lawyer in your home town USA”

The text articles on your website need to mimic what a typical Wikipedia article would read like.. if you hope to stand any chance of earning the “right” for getting Google to even consider bestowing upon your website the opportunity to have it even think about moving your domain up from #24 in Google to #3 in Google

I’m suggesting we completely ignore a human audience.. unless and until the algorithm views US as THE AUTHORITY in our genre.

We aren’t going to get a chance to speak to humans unless and until that happens..

What is “the algorithm”?


the robot that Google uses to scan websites ( data ) to determine where it ranks or does not rank

That is THE battlefield, if we loose that battle, none of the other battles are worth fighting

I’m not saying completely ignore a human audience forever… timing of or execution of WHEN you pivot to a human audience should happen only AFTER your website achieves Google Domain Authority

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