Web designers Pander To Your Ego To Get You To Write A Check

In a perfect world web designers would offer you what’s best for you… but they’re in the business of getting you to cut them a check ( for what they think you’ll pay for )

Look at 100 lawyer websites, look at 1000 of them, and you see someone looking “lawyerly”, wearing an expensive suit, posing in front of their law books.. thinking that’s gonna impress you.

Don’t you lay in bed at night and wish I was your lawyer?

You are proud of your credentials ( rightly so ) but your client’s don’t give a rat’s ass about that.

The ONLY thing your paying clients are interested in is what you can DO FOR THEM

The copy on your home page needs to show how much you can do for them.

While we’re on that topic…

next issue with lawyer marketing is…

No one is Googling your name or the name of your law firm

The Yellow Pages are NOT where your clients look to decide which lawyer to select.

The customer has the power, the balance of power has shifted to the consumer, it’s amazingly simple for people to do their own research to choose an attorney… the same way you do.. they Google for what they want to find out

No one Google’s an attorney’s name, or their brand… they Google for the specific practice area they need legal help with, and their hunting for an attorney in their city or county.

Bankruptcy lawyer in < insert geographical area >


DWI lawyer in < insert geographical area >

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